R71-Dr. Zulekha Daud- MD./Zulekha Hospital [28-06-2016]
  • Experts to advise patients recommended for life-changing treatments

In a bid to reassure patients who may be preparing to undergo surgery or commit to a potentially life-changing medication, Zulekha Hospital has launched a new service to offer a free second opinion and consultations on courses of treatment.

The ‘Second Opinion’ service, which officially starts today (Monday 10 April), will see a range of free advice in fields such as cardiology, oncology and general surgery provided at Zulekha’s Dubai and Sharjah hospitals.

Taher Shams, Managing Director of Zulekha Hospitals, said: “It is important for us, as a respected healthcare institution, that the community we serve receive the most appropriate and correct treatment for their symptoms or conditions.

“The decision, as well as the financial burden, of undergoing a life-changing treatment or surgery is not a small one to make and our service has been designed to provide patients with added confidence and to help ensure they are absolutely certain about their course of treatment.

“Our aim is to encourage a culture of patients taking a second opinion. Whenever medical advice has been given, it is always a safe bet to have another doctor weigh in on the matter, especially in the case of surgery.”

Dr Fadi Alnehlaoui, Surgical Oncologist & General Surgeon is one of the many doctors offering free consultations at Zulekha Hospital and hopes initiatives like these will help reaffirm patients’ confidence in their doctor’s diagnosis.

He said: “Today, we all have access to an overload of information on the internet, from friends and from the medical community.  Sometimes it can be too much to take in and process, especially when you’re also coming to terms with a new diagnosis.

“We encourage patients to seek a second opinion so that they have peace of mind when it comes to the best course of action and I look forward to speaking to patients from across our community to offer my professional advice.”

In the event that an alternative treatment could be made available to the patient, Zulekha Hospital specialists will provide a plan of action and provide the best possible course to take for the fastest recovery.

Added Shams: “Even if our doctor’s diagnosis contradicts what they have been told previously, we will provide support, steer them in the right direction for treatment and make our experts available to them for future consultations.”

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