When You Should Trademark Your Business In the United States

When You Should Trademark Your Business In the United States

Dubai has become one of the most popular and recognizable cities in the world. With a booming tourist industry that supports more than 15 million visitors a year, Dubai has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As Dubai approaches its goal of becoming the world’s top tourist destination, it hasn’t escaped the attention of the business world.

With the announcement that Dubai will host EXPO 2020, many new businesses will be created. The boost to the economy is expected to create more than 270,000 jobs. The City of Gold may soon become the City of Business. Dubai’s top three trading partners, India, China and the United States are expected to benefit greatly from several of these businesses. One of the questions that these businesses should consider is, whether or not they should trademark their business in the United States.

US Trademark Attorney, Perry Clegg, who has represented several international clients, sheds some light on this question. According to Perry, “companies that anticipate doing business in the United States should take advantage of trademark laws that allow them to register their trademarks in the United States prior to actually doing business in the United States”. This is particularly true if a business has already had demonstrable success outside the U.S. Even if the company doesn’t plan to do business in the United States for several years, consideration should be given to protecting future markets.”

By registering your trademark in the United States you can ensure several benefits for your business.
Constructive notice to US businesses that you have ownership of the mark.
–A legal presumption of exclusive right to use the mark in the United States ,in connection with the goods or services listed in the registration.
–The ability to bring an action in the United States Federal Trademark Court against a citizen or business of the United States.
–The ability to prevent goods from infringing on your trademark and from being imported and sold in the United States

If you are one of the businesses who are new or growing, you may want to file a trademark registration in the United States to protect a potential new market in the United States.  You can never be sure how big your business will get, its better to have protection you don’t need than protection you need but can’t get.

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