• Treat yourself with 100% Beef Angus burger, Veggie burger or Crispy Chicken options for just 14AED

Wendy’s latest 4 for 14 promotion is the tastiest one yet. Wendy’s fans can indulge their cravings with either Jr. Beef Bacon Cheeseburger, Crispy Chicken or Veggie Burger and three other items for just 14AED this November.

Wendy’s recent upgrade to 100% Australian Angus beef in all burgers means that burger fans can opt for the even juicer Jr. Beef Bacon Cheeseburger while enjoying our homemade fries, crispy Chicken Nuggets and a drink of their choice for just 14AED. For those with a vegetarian persuasion Wendy’s will give two Hash Browns alongside the Vegetarian Burger for a tasty treat.

At Wendy’s we don’t just do things differently, we do things better which is why our food is made with top quality ingredients for a great tasting menu.  Our locally sourced crisp lettuce and fresh tomatoes are prepared daily in our restaurants; our burgers contain 100% Halal Australian Angus beef made hot off the grill only after you have ordered.

The 4 for 14AED will be available in all Wendy’s restaurants.

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