Waseela Partners with MIMOtech to Introduce Highest-Capacity Licensed Microwave Systems to the Middle East Region

  • Typically, a FDD channel of 28 MHz is the widest channel that can be licensed for frequency bands below 42 GHz.

Waseela, the leading regional Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system integrator, announced today that it signed a partnership agreement with MIMOtech, the new technology provider of ultra-high-capacity Microwave systems. This partnership will allow Waseela to deliver to its customers fundamentally new levels of IP backhaul-capacity using licensed MW RF spectrum channels below the 42 GHz frequency band, disrupting the licensed MW typical capacity levels known for more than a decade.

Dr. Samer Taha, Waseela’s CEO, commented on this partnership by stating “We have been working with various customers in several countries in the Middle East region for many years in the domain of MW transport and backhaul networks. Providing high-capacity MW backhauling is limited by the availability of licensed RF channels and the licensing cost of such channels, specifically for frequency bands below 42 GHz. This is now becoming of higher importance as more 4G sites are being rolled out in the Middle East region.”

Typically, a FDD channel of 28 MHz is the widest channel that can be licensed for frequency bands below 42 GHz. In this channel bandwidth, available IP-MW vendors today can deliver up to 200+ Mbps of uncompressed IP capacity using a standard 1+0 system configuration, while a Janus AirDuplexTMlink from MIMOtech can provide in excess of 800 Mbps of uncompressed IP capacity using the same 28 MHz channel bandwidth, opening the door for true 4G and 4G+ experience without the need for fiber backhauling. “We are confident that with this partnership, Waseela and MIMOtech will provide new opportunities to Telecom Operators and ISPs in the Middle East region.” Dr. Taha added.

Mr. Buks Fouche, CEO of MIMOtech, commented on this partnership, said “We are happy to be working with Waseela to introduce our new technology to the Middle East region. We are confident of the leading system integration capabilities of Waseela which will help in providing complete turnkey solutions to our joint customers in the Middle East.”

Mr. Fouche also clarified that “Capacity scalability has been identified as one of the most important technical challenges in microwave backhaul. Data traffic continues to double in size each year, driven by the growth in data-hungry applications such as HD video streaming. Consequently, the wireless industry is facing a crisis in its ability to keep up with the demand for backhaul capacity, and Janus AirDuplexTMprovides a way to achieve higher throughputs without resorting to using the millimetre-wave frequency bands.”

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