Tips to Choose The Best ISO Consultant in Dubai


Dubai is a hot hub of business, there are lots of companies in various industries bootstrapping here. One of the requirements of making a reputable company is following ISO standards.

ISO consultants are an integral part of all organizations. After all, it is these professionals who single-handedly ensure that your organization adheres to the specific ISO inquiry requirements. Additionally, they also help you implement the right kind of management system for your organization. But with so many factors to consider, how exactly does one choose the right ISO consultant in Dubai?  Well, that is exactly what we’ll find out in the next couple of sections. As you read through, you’ll find a complete walk-through on choosing the best ISO consultant for your organization.

Consider their Qualification and Experience

When it comes to choosing ISO professionals, this is one of the first factors that you should consider. There’s no point in choosing a professional who is clueless about the ISO implementation standards of your organization. So here are a couple of things that you should look for-

Industry Experience– While interviewing a potential candidate, find out if they come with relevant industry-experience. Review their CV and see if they’ve worked in an organization that has core activities similar to yours. In case they already have the experience, hiring them for the job will make things easier for you. Additionally, also make it a point to check if the consultant has a proven track record of implementing sound management systems in your relevant domain. Try to find out if they take factors like quality, safety, security and health, seriously.

Standard Experience– This is the second determinant that’ll help you understand whether your potential employee can interpret and implement and the different requirements of standard ISOs like ISO 9001, 14001 or OHSAS 18001 and the likes of it.

Allegiance with certification bodies– If your primary goal is to get the certification, it is also important to have an idea of your consultant’s relationships with the various certification bodies. In case they share a good relationship, it’ll be easier for you to get your ISO certification.

Find Out If They Offer Customized Services

If you’re planning to hire an ISO consultant, it’s probably to work with some standards that meet the requirements of your organization. But these goals will be absolutely redundant if you hire a professional who comes with a set of pre-defined template for implementing ISO standards. Avoid people who use the same ISO implementation for similar types of organization. And in order to avoid this mistake, hold a proper meeting where you get an insight about the techniques they’re likely to implement for your company.

Establish Connections

Your chosen consultant is going to spend a lot of time with your company. It goes without saying that they’ll have complete access to your employees and processes. So even before you start working with them, it is really important to establish proper rapport. Talk to them, understand their approach and build a sense of mutual trust before you start working together. Like I already mentioned, a direct, face-to-face meeting works best for these matters.

Check If They Are Result Oriented

When it comes to implementing different ISO standards, every project comes with a unique set of objectives. Whether this is about improving the overall management, working on the quality of your products or increasing the safety of services; your organization can never achieve its desired goals unless your consultant is result oriented.

So while hiring your consultant, always give special attention to this criteria. The right ISO consultant should be competent enough to use the budget provided to them in a specific timeline. Only then will they be able to deliver a ready, viable and successful project. Do not waste your time or money on an expensive consultant who hardly has any experience with result-oriented ISO implementation.

Try to Understand Their Approach

Right after you’ve chosen the consultant it is really important to understand their approach about work. This goes hand-in-hand with building a good rapport with them. While working with these consultants, always remember that they might use different techniques and methodologies depending on the size and structure of your management. And it is at this point that they’ll need a different level of cooperation and assistance. So before you work with them, it is imperative to understand their upcoming methodologies.

Since your consultant will need your time and resources for ensuring a successful implementation, make sure you’re capable of understanding their expectations and committing the necessary time to them.


While the geographical distance stands as a deciding factor for several companies, for many others it is absolutely irrelevant. But before taking any decision, it is extremely important to understand your own needs. Analyze the structure of your organization, figure out your implementation needs and then zero in on a professional considering or overlooking this location-al advantage.

Consider the Budget

Although cost should never be the deciding factor behind choosing a good ISO consultant, it is really important to consider your budgets before you make any move. So before you start, check the following factors-

  • The frequency of the charges, i.e, whether they’ll charge daily or work for a fixed rate project; whether they take advance and arrears.
  • Check what is and what is not included in the budget.
  • Discuss about the ownership rights of your management system’s intellectual property.
  • Have a clear discussion about service level agreements.
  • Check the availability of your consultant and find out if they’re going to be there when you’ll need their service.

While checking the costs, it is also a good idea to compare the budget of 2-3 consultants before you take your final decision.


In addition to all the above factors, your chosen consultant should also be able to produce ready references. This will help you gain the direct insights from their past clients and give you an idea about their work ethics.

Several consultants publish these testimonials directly on their portfolio or website. So don’t forget to check them carefully, as they’ll give you a better idea on taking more informed decisions.

Final Thoughts

When you consider all our guidelines before choosing an ISO consultant I nDubai, your job gets easier and tad more hassle free. So make sure to check each factor carefully and you’ll soon end up with the best ISO consulting professional for your organization.

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