Time For Some Family Lovin’ at Dusty’s

  • Build some unforgettable memories at Dusty’s…

Come together with the entire family to enjoy a typical roast dinner at Dusty’s every Sunday. It is said that the fondest memories are created over a table of good food for dinner and Dusty’s is your go to place for soul full food especially when far away from home![ads1]


Sunday Roast Dinner with a carafe of grape for each person

Price: AED 250 with dessert

Time: 7pm

The Sundays Roast Dinner offers a typical Sunday Roast, cooked in a homely style with roasted potatoes, seasonal veggies Yorkshire pudding and gravy. A true reminiscence of a warm home cooked Sunday dinner this meal can be enjoyed with closed ones – family or friends like family. Dusty’s is a family restaurant that truly believes that dining is a form of entertainment that should be enjoyed with the entire kin.

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