The Role of Poetry in Religious Knowledge

Role of Poetry in Religious Knowledge

We should not destroy the concept of taqwa by separating Deen from Dunya. All of the things in this world reflect the teachings of Quran. There are around 150 Ayat in Quran related to the investigation of this world. In Surah An-Nahl Allah SWT wants us to learn from honey bees because they are the symbol of health, wealth and wisdom. Unfortunately, Muslim Ummah is not getting the real message of Holy Quran, and that’s why most of the Muslim countries have less education, resources, and other facilities.

We only know few topics of Quran such as Salah; Fasting; Zakat; Hajj; Marriage; Divorce; but we are unaware of the right interpretation of Quran. Being a Muslim, it is our responsibility to reflect, observe and investigate on different aspects of life. Writing a poem is also one way to see the world around us. Reading and writing poetry helps you to see beneath the surface of everything there is always a deeper meaning and significance and poetry helps you to find and express that meaning Writing poetry is very helpful because it engages with your emotions and it enables you to understand and view the world in a different manner.

It can change your perspective and nurture your imagination. It is one of the best forms of catharsis in this chaotic world. Finally writing and reading poetry will connect you to the universe on a deeper level. By writing poetry, we will see that there are one plan and many variations, one design and many modifications, one truth and many versions. The more we connect to this universe, the more we get closer to Allah (SWT). Let’s start writing a poem! Trust me you will be surprised to see the mathematical accuracy of the universe and the beauty of the design.

Written by Anita Ajrak

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