The Importance of Internships in College Education


Interviewer: “I see your GPA’s superb. But do you have a little bit of experience about our job?”

Before we delve straight into our topic, we would like to throw a bit of light on the above-mentioned question that most job interviewers place to meritorious college students as soon as they get fresh out of college.

Now, that is an annoying question indeed.

How would you have the experience of the job when you don’t even have any? After all you are a fresher with only knowledge but no job experience.

Your reaction would more or less be like this one right here:


There’s no doubt that your annoyance is, of course, justified especially when these cases are considered of the lot. But unfortunately, these do happen in our modern society; and they happen a lot.

Now, this is a problem; there’s simply no doubt about it. But then should you not do anything about it to get the odds in your favor? Is there even a solution?

Yes; there is; the solution comes in the form of internships.

1. Internships aid in providing real life exposure and experience to students in college


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Having prior exposure to the professional life in particular can really make you a standout among the crowd of jobseekers.

Internships can help you gain a first-hand exposure to working in the real world; a trait that’s seldom matched by anything else.

You may be a brilliant student in real life with an extraordinary academic performance on the whole, but this is also a fact that all of your academic knowledge may not always translate well into your working life. Your academic field and the professional field are vastly different from one another. So prepare accordingly.

The unique thing that makes internships a standout among the crowd is the fact that they can teach you EXACTLY the things that you want to know for your soon-to-follow professional life. These things can come in very handy for you in your dream job interviews. So what are you still waiting for?

2. Internships can help you create a network in the professional world long before you enter it

Your interactions are the only things that count in making a connection, and internships give you the opportunity to do exactly that in the professional field long before you even enter into the same.

It can not only affect your professional success in future, but it can also affect your decision-making choices for good.

Internships also give you an opportunity to understand the company, their people, and their workplace policies in advance. If this is not a benefit; what is?

3. Internships can help you learn a bit more about yourself

Your internships will not only contribute to your personal development, but it would also give you the platform to know yourself better.

“To know yourself” is to know your goal and the different ways through which you can achieve the same.

Ask yourself these questions at the beginning of your internship:

  • Is this the job you had always wanted in your dreams?
  • If you really did, are you really prepared enough to get into it?
  • Is it possible for you to make a difference in the world as an employee of this company in case you are hired for the job?

You will get these answers yourself in the end for sure.

4. The internship stipends aren’t something that should be taken for granted



We all know the pains of our college lives. Funds running low on one hand, loans left to be paid on the other. Such monetary pressure can get pretty claustrophobic at times.

Most professional organization can ease up this pressure to a certain extent via the lucrative stipend* money they offer to their interns in particular.

Yeah; it’s not much, but it’s enough for a student; that’s for sure.

*Note: All internships don’t offer stipends. Only a few do. So make sure you read the contract before signing it.


Internships can offer you the greatest opportunity to transition into a full-time employee in your dream company. So why don’t you try and opt for the same? Better be safe than be sorry.

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