Syria is burning!

Syria is burning!

Although almost the whole Levant is facing crisis of one or the other kind but these days, the human blood is the crappiest stuff in Aleppo, Syria. The once fertile Halab where the Arabian melody would pound out of the beautifully designed instruments and subtle fruit-bud juices were tasted with an amazement by the tourists outside Aleppo, is now burning! The heart piercing scenes have become the most ghastly tragedy of humanity when we smell fresh human blood inside and outside the burning and destroyed houses. Can we forget the painful scenes of the heinous crimes open unto the naked eye of the humanity in the shape of a silky hair lock flying away along the wind gusts with the whole body of the bride all buried down the bombarded soil?

Can we forget the livers and bowels of the newborn babies sleeping beside the naked, dried and dead breasts of their mothers who slept past life due to the chemical weapons? Can these tears be dried ever, and these wounds mended ever? Can we forget the blood of youthful men gushing out of gutters? Can we forgive the listlessness of the Responsible Unions and ‘Concerned and caring’ Powers?

The endurance is so hard and the life in Aleppo is wailing over the host of dead bodies ‘manufactured’ everyday! Al-Halab Yehtarak!!! Syria is burning!

Written By : Imran Zafar

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