Student’s Guide to Impressing Examiners


First of all let us tell you the universal truth about examiners, well they are also human beings and they don’t like to give fewer marks to anyone. They are also one of us. And in fact, they are really on a lookout for reasons to give you proper marks.

Secondly, you would like to know that most of the teachers are overworked and underpaid. Though teaching is a noble profession and it’s very rewarding, but checking papers is a way different process probably it’s the worst part of the teaching profession. Added to that checking copy are not that remunerative. As a result, teachers might lose their interests while checking answer scripts.

But they are very conscientious people and would like to do complete justice to their profession and to the student whose papers they are checking.

If we understand this, then we can surely conquer the technique of writing a paper that compels the teacher to give your desired marks. The student should write the paper in such a way or in such a manner that the examiner can quickly find interest and the proper things in the answer paper easily to give marks and shouldn’t have to think twice before giving. Here are some tips jotted down below which will guide you to impress your examiners and score better in your future exams.

Have a structure of the answer

Pen down your thoughts in the answer script, it will be evident if you follow a logical structure, order, cause-effect relationship while writing your answer script. If the examiner gets a feel for the structure and starts following along, he will feel comfortable with the answer and will definitely give you your desired marks.

Make the structure apparent: Write your answer in such a way that the structure of your answer becomes pretty easy to understand and follow for the examiner. Elucidating our previous words it’s always advised to the examinee to use paragraphs, indentations, highlights, and capitalizing. Doing this helps to make the structure of your answer apparent.

Make the key concepts easily visible

This concept is quite same with the earlier one. Highlights, indentation, underlines in your answer script make your answer much more clear and visible to the examiner. Try to do this so that the key concepts are easily visible to the examiner. These tips might turn truly helpful for students to get their desired score in exams. If we consider a 100-word answer, there are approximately just 20 words that are the key ideas. And the remaining words are just supporting words that add no value. So the proportion is 80:20.

By making the concepts clear and visible, you are helping the examiner to understand the whole answer by reading just 20% of the words. By this, he can save 80% of his time and will reward you extra benefits for that saving.

A picture is worth 1000 words

You might have heard these words before in many contexts, indeed it’s true for your exams also. In exams of some particular subjects like biology, chemistry and geography diagrams will really help to showcase your understanding and ideas. But you need to take care of certain points while giving a pictorial representation of your ideas. These diagrams should be neat and clean. And always make sure to use rulers and compasses while drawing and most importantly use a pencil to sketch diagram.


I know, I know it might sound pretty clichéd but above all, you need to make your answer script neat and clean so that it will be easy for the examiner to go through your answer script while checking. And it is always suggested to write with either Blue or black ink using other inks on your answer script might lead towards deducting your marks. And always make sure while drawing any diagram you use pencils.

Though it’s pretty difficult to impress your examiner but if you follow the above-written points you can surely score better marks. Try to answer your questions to the point and try to divide your answers into paragraphs and always try to make diagrams for your answers because pictorial representation helps to elucidate your point more than written words.


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