Stankevicius MGM Offers LED Screen Advertising for ICOs in New York’s Time Square


Advertising on a digital LED screen depicts seriousness on the part of the business owner and more importantly, the target to attract many businesses and customers. Advertisement on a billboard, especially on one digital billboard in the New York’s Times Square is believed to cost between $1.1-4 million, as established by the Wall Street Journal.

Clearly, ICOs are a tool for attracting investment which is popularly gaining increase among companies. The attraction is so immense that with the help of ICOs alone, blockchain projects had earned $327 million by the beginning of summer 2017. Thus, of the few available ways to advertise, promoting via a platform as incredible as the Times Square, NYC is a great idea. In fact, paying for advertisements as such is believed to have potentials that can attract more persons, leaving it as a considerably suitable option for companies.

This, among other appealing features, triggered the efforts of Stankevicius MGM to start offering such advertising option especially for cryptocurrency investors, enthusiasts, and companies. It is no gainsaying that they would, in turn, attract more investors and earn more interests with the idea. Regarding the best exposure you can barely get around, New York City Times Square offers it all. And if you are genuinely geared towards achieving success, I bet there is no better way other than this to raise reach out to the millions of souls out there and get their buy-in into your business. Stankevicius MGM is poised to hand your ICOs some massive influx of customers if you would buy into their idea and advertise your products on the LED screen in the Times Square. The goal is to make money and let you make some for yourself while in turn, encourage the blockchain community at large, bringing in more interests into the cryptocurrency game.

Whatever plans you have as a cryptocurrency company that offers ICOs, paid to advertise as you have with the fascinating digital billboards in the New York City Times Square and particularly on Stankevicius MGM goes miles in helping you achieve your goals.

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