Rags to Riches : Meet Yusuf Berkan Altun, the Crypto-hollic Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurship is the practice of forming a new business or commercial enterprise, usually in an industry or sector of the economy with a large capacity for growth. Entrepreneurship is generally synonymous with resourcefulness, ingenuity, and the ability to take calculated risks to introduce a new, untested product or service into the marketplace.

Despite mounting evidence that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to build such wealth, the personality we are going to interview today is the proof that it is possible to overcome life’s toughest challenges and create something better for you.

“Yusuf Berkan Altun born and grew up in Switzerland. During his study, he successfully combined his studies with work and other commitments showing himself to be self-motivated, organized and capable of working under pressure. He had the chance to learn about business development in his young age and believes strongly in technology that makes him eager and determined to his goals. “

Let’s start with a fundamental question.

DNP: What do you do now?

Yusuf: I have my startups as Smoody which is a TripAdvisor-like app in shisha industry. Since I am a shisha enthusiast, this app is my proudest startup. Besides that, I help companies and their employees to learn about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. I am also implementing the blockchain technology to companies or governments. Designing and development of virtual reality projects is also another industry that I am working on. And what I love to do is helping people with great ideas to realize and execute their project by investing in it.

DNP: What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Yusuf: I love to talk about failures. I made countless mistakes which have guided to failure. But I think FAILURE is the first step to SUCCESS. Only if you fail, you will learn what you shouldn’t do. If you work on yourself and analyze your mistakes and learn from it, you will have success.

DNP: How many hours do you work a day on average?

Yusuf: I don’t have work time. I am available 24h x 7 days. I am having the fun of what I am doing, so it is not like I am doing something I don’t want. It’s my hobby.

DNP: What are the most significant issues for running several businesses?

Yusuf: The sleeping time. We all need to sleep, and it is critical to have your 6h sleep a day, which makes it harder when you wake up with 15 phone calls and 500+ messages and need to answer asap. The mornings are always like doomsday.

DNP: Which of your businesses can change the world?

Yusuf: When we talk about changing the world, we should speak of the blockchain. Because blockchain is changing the world right now. I believe in distributed ledger technology, and it’s benefits like protecting the data’s and giving control to their owner. I’ve been working with a few ICOs which are really going to change the world.

DNP: What is your opinion about the Gulf region?

Yusuf: I started my first company in Dubai. So, the Gulf region is where I am and where I want to be. I see a lot of potential in this region and always try to adapt the most fabulous projects there. If you look to Dubai, His Highness Shk. Al Maktoum turned a desert into a world metropole. I am always pleased to work on projects in this region.

Yusuf discussed his belief that blockchain is essential for future. I was convinced that he wasn’t throwing that in gratuitously when he expressed how his works had influenced his thinking about nearly every aspect of his education.

Yusuf Berkan Altun will be Singapore on 26-27th July for the Satoshi United event and talk about Governmental Focus. We will have another excellent opportunity to catch this gem at the event and get a chance to talk about his plans and projects in more details.

This young man impressed us much. The interview was remarkable in that we felt we were talking with a tech-revolutionarized brain. We can easily picture Yusuf soaring at Yale, and we hope he gets the keep going.

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