ONLINE SHOPPING APP CLUB FACTORY is Number six in the top 10 free shopping apps in the UAE

Club Factory, the international smartphone shopping application, has witnessed significant growth since its launch in the Middle East.

The one-stop shopping destination ranks amongst the top 10 free shopping apps in the UAE with home décor, handbags, beauty products, and clothes as the top five most popular products amongst users.

Bringing over one million products together on just one platform, and over 4,000 new products every day, Club Factory continues to grow in popularity due to its high quality products and fast services. The interactive app uses propriety big data technology and compares prices from multiple manufacturers in real time to present the customer with the lowest price.

List of Best Online Shopping Apps.

“In just a short few months, we have witnessed our app grow tremendously. We now stand among the top shopping apps in the country due to our persistence in providing our users high quality products and exceptional services. We are looking forward to seeing it grow even further and becoming the number one choice amongst customers for shopping online,” said Aaron Li, co-founder of Club Factory.

With presence in the Middle East, USA, and South Asia, the app has a total of over 1.2 million users with over 500,000 active users per month. Increasing user growth rate by 200 percent each month, Club Factory monthly sales exceed over 3 million US dollars.

The app, developed by the Jiayun Data Limited, was a product of a big-data research conducted by Li and his partner Yun Lou during their MBA studies. Based on the research findings, which concluded that different online websites were charging customers high prices for the same product, Li and his partner developed an app that ensured customers get value for their money. The built-in technology eliminates the middleman by delivering products directly to consumers from factories making their online shopping experience stress-free and inexpensive.

ONLINE SHOPPING APP CLUB FACTORY is hitting to massive downloads.

You may find them on facebook or even browse through their website.


  1. Am really disapointed i oredered from club factory 1month ago and i have not yet recieved my orders and i hear nothing from them

  2. How can we get in contact with them incases where we want to inquire on certain product availability or following up on deliveries.
    Atleast help us with your emails or mobile number

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