NMC ProVita nurses stroke patient back to health


NMC ProVita International Medical Center – a subsidiary of the UAE’s largest healthcare provider NMC Healthcare – has nursed a patient back to health following a brain stroke.

Tamer, a 45-year-old Egyptian resident of Abu Dhabi, was admitted to NMC ProVita’s inpatient Multi-Disciplinary Medical Rehabilitation Programme in March 2018, after having suffered a brain stroke which resulted in severe weakness in his right upper and lower limbs, swallowing difficulties, pain in his right hip and low spirits. He had become dependent with all activities of daily living and required rigorous physiotherapy amongst other treatments to reverse the negative impact of the stroke.

“It all happened so suddenly. Tamer had always struggled with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, but he didn’t anticipate a stroke,” said Tamer’s wife. “It was especially difficult being away from our friends and family back in Egypt.”

The NMC ProVita facility treated Tamer at no cost for one month. During his time at the centre, Tamer received world class care from a full multi-disciplinary team, including an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech and language therapist, and registered nurses amongst others.

“Tamer’s improvement is remarkable. Thanks to his dedication and perseverance, paired with the team’s expertise and efforts, Tamer is now able to walk without a cane or any form of support, and has become independent with activities of daily living – inching closer to his normal ways of living at an extraordinary rate,” said Dr Ahmad Al Khayer, Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services at NMC ProVita.

Having improved drastically in the last two months and with only a short way to go in his journey of recovery, Tamer has been discharged from NMC ProVita with the appropriate knowledge and treatment methods to continue recovering from home.

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