Meet Badr El Battahi, an accomplished Social Media Marketer


What the heck is social media? What role do they play in promotion and industry? First off, let’s talk about what social media is. As we know Social media in 2018 is the power of internet but signifies expensive tools that are used to syndicate expertise and social interaction with the use of verses. These tools are usually internet or mobile based.

Social media provides marketers a voice and a way to converse with peers, customers, and potential consumers. It personalizes the “brand” and supports you to spread your message in a relaxed and conversational way.

Today, we meet Mr. Badr El Battahi, a young, talented and living diva from Morocco who had chosen the Social Media Engineering as his career and worked with big names to promote them and take them to another level.

He created his own website/blog at the age of 13, learned programming at the age of 19 only. He is now one of the best younger programmers, developers in 2018.

Badr El Battahi

His company is managing top famous singers, artists, and models of the world. While going back to his old days, he still remembers the time when he did sleep for many nights for the computer craze. He cannot imagine the life without a computer. He is spending 16 hours a day on the computer and is a Microsoft certified programmer, one of the rare class of programmers in 2018. His passion for the computer has brought many color changes in his life. He is moving around the globe, always meeting new people and enjoying the life to a new level. If there are fruits, there are thrones too. He always misses his family as he cannot find much time to spend a quality time with his family.

He is just 25 years old with a lot of respect in his field. He moved to UAE (Abudhabi) and to connect with more people and to establish his professional ties. He established his social media company and provides the social media promotion services. He has already worked with French Montana, Akon… and a lot of other models to promote them and to help them taking to another level. He is heading a team of programmer, developers and social media campaigners who are working most of them in Morocco and Russia.

You can follow him on (Instagram): where he posts his activities in pictorial form to connect with you.

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