MassConnects: Digital Advertising Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

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Dubai is on the cutting edge of the cryptocurrency revolution and it is becoming a hub of global crypto activity.

Dubai issued the first-ever State-owned cryptocurrency. Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum recently backed the cryptocurrency. NDTV reported that Dubai managed to draw Islamic investors towards cryptocurrency. There is no doubt that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will transform the internet as we know it.

Internet marketing will evolve into an eco-system where transactions are conducted using Cryptocurrency. The next stage of that evolution is MassConnects – MassConnects is a UAE based start-up headed by MASS Brothers – Pijush Sarkar- CEO, Saurabh Singh- CFO & Shashank Mishra – COO.

Pijush Sarkar, CEO and Entrepreneur, is a blockchain and cryptocurrency awareness trainer. He has extensive experience in building businesses and investing in cryptocurrencies. With twelve years of experience in business development and designing business roadmaps for different companies, he is confident that MassConnects will revolutionize the digital advertising industry.

The company commenced a crowdfunding campaign to promote the development of their projects, one of them being MassConnects, by creating their own digital tokens called Ram Token, represented by the acronym RAM. The RAM Token Cryptocurrency is a key aspect of MassConnects. RAM Token is currently trading at This is one coin to watch for.

 What Is MassConnects?

MassConnects is a website platform designed for social interaction and digital advertising based on blockchain technology – the future of digital marketing.

MassConnects aims to “create a network of Advertising blockchain based projects” which can serve as cost-effective solutions for corporate customers. All of the services delivered by MassConnects are based on the blockchain, and as a result of this, advertising and marketing become easier and much more affordable.

Tailor Made Products:

One of the core functions of this platform is to deliver customers with innovative services that are geared to meet not only individual requirements but also those of the existing economic market.


In order to instill a sense of trust in their customers, RAM Token uses a policy of transparency, so as to allow its users to see where exactly funds have been utilized and spent.

Unique Mode of Operation:

One of the things that set this platform apart from other existing networks is that it is completely based on “Social Media, E-commerce & Video Based Marketing”. All of the aforementioned services are based on a single blockchain, which in itself will also possess unique capabilities.

Easy Interfacing Ability:

Through the use of its “Massconnects” feature, this platform allows for businesses to directly interact with their customers using a digital eCommerce network that makes buying/selling of services/products extremely easy

RAM Token (cryptocurrency) Features:


Security is a huge issue online. Owing to its use of an advanced “peer-to-peer consensus network”, each and every transaction that goes through this platform has to be cryptographically signed and secured.

Fast and Efficient:

For large scale transactions (especially in a corporate environment), it is essential that payments can be sent and received quickly and efficiently. Through the use of RAM Token, businesses can execute large trade volumes within a matter of seconds. ‘Quick block’ technology allows for speeds that conventional transfer services can only dream to achieve.


Another important aspect of this platform is that it does not employ the use of any central authority figures. Transactions are managed on a person to person basis, thereby cutting out any need for third-party organizations or governments.

Each phase launch has been a massive success and certainly Ramtrex and MassConnects will leave a mark on the cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape. Through platforms like MassConnects, the future will be a world run by blockchain technology.


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