Latest Interior Design Trends for 2017

Latest Interior Design Trends

Latest Interior Design Trends

As we move from 2016 into the next year, trends for the coming year are all set to make a leap. So, if you want to be with it in your interior design, pick up the latest trends from here before you design your home.

Terracotta: Warm terracotta tiles will take the place of cool white tones. To be available in a matte finish, they will be best used as cladding for fireplaces or feature walls in bathrooms. Terracotta, in this form, will add character to any room.

Cork: This stylish material can be used as flooring or for table tops or side tables. It’s ideal for homes for a couple of reasons. One, it lends texture and warmth to rooms and it absorbs a lot of surrounding noises. Cork floors are inexpensive and can be installed easily using finish nailers.

Dark green: The color that everyone will want to use somewhere in their homes is dark green. So, goodbye midnight blue. It would be ideal for use in a bedroom as a backdrop where leather and natural linen are used. This color will add depth to a room and can draw in colours from your exteriors.

Upholstered bed heads: It’s not just your bedroom color that will undergo a change in 2017 but also your bed heads. If you have timber bed frames now, change them for upholstered bed heads–soon to be all the rage. They are all set to bring drama to your bedroom.

Escapism: How about some space in your home devoted to anything but digital devices? Well, increasingly people are making such spaces available. These spaces will be dominated by a sense of peace and calm. Such spaces will require furniture to relax in like deep sofas with slip covers, floor cushions, etc.

Jewel tones: Are pink and blue reigning supreme right now? Well, they’ll soon be toppled and their places will be taken by jewel tones in metals, raw-cut quartz, etc. Soft wafting materials will create a romance of their own.

Mixed metals: Though 2016 saw a lot of gold and brass, yet you’ll be attracted to nickel, silver, rose gold and matte black in the coming year. Antique finishes of side tables and consoles will be in great demand next year.

Luxury fabrics: Sofa covers in velvet will be preferred in 2017 for their contemporary curves and clean lines. They are also highly durable.

Natural fibres: Natural fibres like cane, abaca, wool and rattan are superb when adding an extra dimension to a room. So, watch out for these natural fibres.

Cut-off reading areas: People who aren’t so much into technology will always indulge in reading. For them, a cut-off space in the home is an absolute necessity. Here, they unwind, forget about their phone devices, pull out a book and read. A reading area is typically comfortable, well-lit and inviting.

Contemporary geometric designs: To be trendy, head for large and outlined geometric designs. Use them as curtains, pillows, bedding. You can find them even in rugs. One small geometric design can completely transform your room.

Marble Tables: Marble tables are a unique picture of luxury and glamor. Who doesn’t want this to be part of their homes? So, there you go. Invest in a marble table, panel or make shelves of them or just outstanding coffee or console tables.

Organic Materials: Bring the outdoors into your home by using organic materials. Two good examples that are likely to make waves in this regard in 2017 are stone and wood. These materials can easily be part of your decor without much effort.


This should prepare you for the coming year and all its changes in home decor. If you’re making renovation plans, incorporate some of these ideas.

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