Jacky’s Business Solutions brings Concept Laser’s metal 3D printer in the UAE: Targeting jewellery, dental and healthcare sectors

  • Jacky’s Business Solutions, an end-to-end solutions provider for major corporations in the Middle East, brings Mlab cusing melting laser system from Concept Laser.

Made available for the first time in the UAE, the state-of-the-art 3D printing solution targets not only jewellery, medical, dental and manufacturing sectors but also general services in 3D metal printing.

Mlab cusing allows manufacturers to produce models at the fastest rates with highest quality. Concept Laser’s LaserCUSING® technology, using laser for melting metals can create components layer-by-layer using 3D CAD data.

The Mlab cusing machine is capable of building in non-reactive materials and producing detailed intricate parts with high quality surface finish and precision component structures. However, the Mlab cusing R version can also work on reactive metals such as titanium and aluminium.

Additionally, the LaserCUSING® layer construction process allows the fabrication of both mould inserts with close-contour cooling and direct components for the jewellery, medical, dental, automotive and aerospace sectors and can be applied to both prototypes and batch parts.

“Leading the way in 3D printing solutions, the company is now offering Mlab cusing from Concept Laser, a world-class 3D printing solution with unmatched laser system. This next-generation laser melting system is available in the UAE with a vision to facilitate, develop and transform the 3D printing landscape across different sectors,” said Ashish Panjabi, COO, Jacky’s Business Solutions.

The Mlab cusing offers a range of diverse materials, including gold, silver alloys, bronze, cobalt-chromium alloys and stainless steel. With its small size, the system can be installed well to a production or lab environment where the footprint is extremely limited without taking large space, and the system requires less ancillary equipment than most of the larger systems.

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