How much a Cool Ferrari worth? Hot Story to read


The Enzo was named after the founder of Ferrari and designed by Ken Okuyama. At first, it was announced at the 2002 Paris Motor Show with a limited production run of 399 cars only and a price tag of US$659,330. The company sent invites to existing customers, explicitly, those who had earlier bought the F40 and F50. All 399 cars were sold in this way before manufacturing began. Production began in 2003. In 2004, the 400th production car was built and donated to the Vatican for charity, which was later sold at a Sotheby’s auction for US$1.1 million.

Ferrari built just 400 units of the Enzo, which makes it even rarer than the LaFerrari, which will see a 499 unit production run.

It is the last of the V-12 Ferraris with fewer computers and electric motors. The Ferrari Enzo is widely regarded as one of the most awesome Ferrari models ever manufactured.

We will bring your attention to a highly successful auction event took place in Dubai.

The Enzo which was produced in January 2004, was auctioned in 2018 at Heritage Auctions is a story of amazing you.

It was a sunny day in Dubai. It was the 16th of June 2018, and there was a noticeable rush at Heritage Auctions as one of the coolest cars on earth was going to be auctioned, and everyone was thinking about it. Who will win the auction? At what price, the Enzo will go? Everyone was betting his thoughts on this

There were a total number of five bidders who participated in the bid. Rita Miller, an American citizen, opened the floor by offering $4million for the car. This bid fascinated a tremendous clapping from the audiences, but an offer of $6million by Eric Thomson from Canada was welcomed with greater applause. The other bidders placed $5million and $5.5million to catch attraction and kept the atmosphere super boiling. Suddenly, there was pin drop silence, and everyone was mesmerized by the offer on $10million. This bidder was from Qatar, an Arab country. This bid not only made the audience silent, paralyzed but to the bidders as well. No one put the higher proposal and he was eventually declared as the winner of the day and the owner of the sweet ride of Enzo.

It was a massive success for Heritage Auctions as no one would have thought to get the $10 million for a pre-auction price of $2million.

5% of the selling price will be donated for charity to the Lauwiner Foundation. Its Founder Jonas Lauwiner was also at the auction and was very happy about the auction result. Also, the spokesman of the auction said it was a record selling price for a Ferrari.

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