Entertainment Mogul, CHRIS STOKES aligns himself with UROC Secure Block


According to Alicia Pertusa, 2018 will be the turning point for moving from pilot projects and concept tests to developing productive solutions and bids for blockchain technology and DLT, both in the financial segment and to another place.

The new forms of platforms such as Hyperledger, Corda and Ethereum, in addition to others established by fintechs or banks, have improved the errors detected during these years of research and can now begin emerging productive solutions.

Simultaneously, all the stakeholders, banks, fintechs and regulators have been able to obtain knowledge and work on the technology-related issues, such as governance, operations, guarantees, standards of operation and others, which will make it conceivable to work with this technology in the coming years.

Now, retail investment in crypto currencies such as bitcoin, ether and litecoin is leading the prospect (about 90% retail in competition with 10% by institutional investors). Though, following year, the weight of institutional investment may surge, acknowledgments to new investment vehicles linked to bitcoin.

Right now, when everyone is talking about cryptocurrency, there are few who can smell the future of investments.

Well known for multi-platinum music ventures, global film projects, and more, Chris Stokes has a history of foreseeing the value of solid business ideas and projecting their inedible success. Currently an owner of Cancri Diamond Coin, “CCD”, Mr Stokes has stated to UROC, Inc. executives “you are going to win with this!”

What is the biggest problem facing Cryptocurrency online?

HACKERS!!! United Republic of Cancri, Inc. is Hosting an ICO with their Cancri Diamond Coin “CCD” for the UROC Secure Block Technology that will protect your digital assets while they are NOT being transferred in the blockchain. Buy our property and we’ll protect yours! UROC Secure Block ICO Launch Feb 1, 2018.

UROC, Inc. is scheming a website that will stand as a virtual depiction of REAL PROPERTY situated in the 55 Cancri environmental system using blockchain technology. This will be a website when members will use their tailored avatars to steer the site and cryptocurrencies to extend their understanding. While in progress, we comprehended, multiple mining pools and exchanges are being hacked for tens of millions of dollars and people are losing faith in keeping digital resources online. The solution, UROC Secure Block. Their  ICO is selling Cancri Diamond Coins, “CCD” to develop the New UROC Secure Block technology, and blockchain property decentralization. The UROC Secure Block is a randomized encryption technology structured to completely safe and sound online wallets for mining pools, exchanges, digital holdings, social sites, and more. The blockchain property decentralization technology not only unlocks the door to decentralized, real property exchange but will also let for the issuance of incremental property proprietorship while supporting a safe peer to peer transaction via the blockchain by attaching metadata to the coin.

You can visite here for the lifechanging ICO oppertunity: https://www.55Cancri.io

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