Education Research Highlights from 2016

Education Research Highlights

After we bid farewell to 2016 and have already started the New Year 2017 with a fresh note, we can’t help but fondly remember some of the startling researches made in the education sector that year.

Some of the researches that are worthy of mentioning in this article are listed below.

1. You can reduce suspension rates by 50% by showing empathy and building trust

According to a new research empathy and trust-building has achieved far more that was not achieved by the predominance of zero-tolerance policies in the past few years. Teachers can reduce suspension rates by 50% among adolescent students by showing empathy and focusing on trust-building, a new research conducted in the last year suggested.

2. 84% of parents opine that computer science is equally important subject as English, Science, and Math

As high as 84% of parents in the US believe that computer science is as important as English, Science, and Math, a joint research conducted by Google Inc. and Gallup Inc. suggested. Even though many principals, educators, and parents give importance to computer science, many schools don’t provide classes on the subject, the research found out.

3. One-to-one programs enhance students’ grades

A research found that single laptop for each student (one-to-one program) considerably enhances their grades in science, math, writing, and English. One-to-one program also marginally boost problem solving abilities and make students more tech-savvy, the research suggested.

4. Students benefit from racially diversified schools

Students in racially diversified schools develop better critical thinking skills, cognitive skills and problem solving abilities as they are exposed to newer and different backgrounds, challenges and ideas.

5. 82% of teachers are delighted with their profession

A research, in which more than 3,000 public school teachers participated, found that 82% of the respondents are delighted with their jobs as they believe that they are adding value to the lives of their students. The research also found that 45% of teachers desire to assist their students in achieving their full potential.

6. 46% of teachers complain of everyday stress during the academic year

A research found out that 46% of teachers complained of everyday stress during the academic year that is associated with dismal student outcomes, high turnover rates, and deplorable teacher performance.

7. High school students are stressed out 80% of time

High school students complain of stress and burnout 80% of time, a research found out last year. Students complaining of stress were told to take part in a simple writing and reading exercise, which assisted the participants to manage their stress levels and achieved better grades.

8. Kindergartners not devoting adequate time for music, play, and art

Kindergartners are spending disproportionately higher time in academics, particularly on match and literacy, and not enough time on music, play, and art, a research found out.

9. Teachers of color are rated high by students of all races

A new research, taking more than 50,000 middle school students as respondents, found out that teachers of color, particularly Latino and African-American teachers, are rated high and receive favorable perceptions by students of all races.

10. Students homelessness is increasing at an alarming rate

A new research has found that over 1.3 million students are homeless, which is the double the homelessness figure in 2007. The study offers ways to support homeless students by providing basic physiological needs such as food, shelter, clothes, and psychological support such as counseling.

11. Over 80% students can’t differentiate between real news and fake news

A study found out that above 80% students can’t distinguish between actual and sponsored articles, and a majority of them can’t recognize fake profiles on social media sites. Numerous students are deceived by controversial claims made by genuine-looking organizations.


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