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Some might find it rather odd that the most sought-after psychic in Dubai is actually located halfway around the world, in Beverly Hills, California. But then, not really. The two locations share so much in common and are connected by a simple Wi-Fi signal or a phone call. To say that Dubai is the Beverly Hills of the Middle East would be a vast understatement. No place in the world is more opulent, more posh, more ridiculously wealthy that Dubai, at least for some. Even Beverly Hills, in all its glory, cannot quite live up to the fabulous display of wealth, found in Dubai. And just as all of the very best brands are demanded here, Tiffany, Gucci, Rolex, Rolls Royce and so on, so too are the best professionals expected when it comes to personal services – in this case, telling the future. Meet Psychic Christopher Golden of Beverly Hills, California.

Golden says he first started meeting his Dubai clients when they were visiting in California, many years ago, before the Internet. When he launched his website, word of mouth spread even faster in the UAE and today Golden states that a significant portion of his entire global client base resides in Dubai.

That, in and of itself, should not really come as any great surprise. However, given that Dubai is home to so many people from around the world, with different customs, beliefs, and traditions, one thing does stand out rather profoundly, when talking about the man commonly referred to as “Psychic 90210”. For someone who did not grow up in a world of arranged marriages, for example, Golden claims he has been able to help hundreds of people, with vastly different backgrounds, navigate through their problems concerning love and find fulfillment.

According to a female executive, whose family came here from India, “Chris was able to help me get out of being forced into an arranged marriage and instead I was able to marry for love. I did this by following his advice after a psychic reading in which he told me so many things about myself that only a true psychic would know.” She goes on to say, “I was reluctant at first still to follow his guidance because I did not want to offend my family. But Chris turned into my father’s energy and told me exactly what to say to him. He did the same with my mother. Over the course of a short period of time, my parents had consented to me marrying the man I love, a man who was a native to the UAE and whose family was ready to accept me. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Chris for basically giving me my life.”

There are other very popular psychics with websites advertised in Dubai. Some are from America. Some even physically travel here to hold seminars and retreats, something Golden does not do. But it is not common to find an American with such an intimate knowledge of foreign customs, coupled with having so many people who believe in the accuracy and reliability of his words.

So, we asked him why he seems to possess this fusion of traits that would be especially attractive and sought after by a Dubai audience. Golden says, “Honestly I sort of learned on the job. Remember, I was doing this long before we had an Internet and I just happened to be located in a city where a lot of people from the Emirates come to visit, or have second homes.” He adds, “My accuracy was always pretty reliable, but it did take me a few years to understand how to unite two people whose families have opposing religions, for example. But once I understood it and could couple seeing the future with advising effectively based on the future, the Dubai clientele kept coming until a significant portion of my worldwide client base is now located specifically in Dubai. After the United States, this is where the largest pocket of my client base resides.”

Golden offers holistic spiritual counseling around wellness and personal evolution. He is also an Intuitive Life Coach and an Energy Healer.

Hamid Khan contributed to this report.








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