Client makes me sad telling about incomplete web design, [Solution/Suggestions]

Client makes me sad by telling about incomplete web design, [Solution/Suggestions]

Working for clients in their web design projects is not easy job at all. There are some critical points which need to be cleared or covered for a successful project. At every step, you should be clear enough to maintain project requirements. If a project goes into wrong direction as per client requirements, then it’s harder to keep things under control.

As a web designer, sometimes you may face these kinds of messages from clients.

  • Hi, you’re working on (Project Name), there are some modules you need to change like contact us page, cover page, footer etc.
  • Hi, can you get rid of these bold fonts, big menu and slider, instead of these; you should be able to make more innovation in it.
  • And some likely to use harsh words for their inner satisfaction.

So, let’s quickly come to the main topic; how to make your client satisfy with your web design work?

1: Know the actual requirements:

First of all there should be very clear statement on each step. Like what should be on home page, inner page design and contact information. It’s good idea to get all the requirements in a document file or pdf. From home page to inner pages, menu to header and body to footer, all design modules should be straight forward to work.

  1. Provide Quality Stuff:

You shouldn’t forget which you are displaying your customer his website, the whole business! Yes, little dummy content is ok. But try to be as minimum as you can. Imagine in case you had been shopping for a website design yourself. You would anticipate having it customized to your business, I’m sure you’ll be looking for great designs.

Yes, your clients have right to ask about their projects. So do spend more time and write some paragraphs of real content. And especially insert real images (if you can) or – a minimum of – insert stock images.

  1. Play with Emotion

Observe your designed layout and point to all the elements that convey emotion. I tried it, and all I found to place the video at the homepage. The whole thing else is gray and black, with some crimson sprinkled in to reveal currently energetic gadgets and links.

So what’s missing? Images! Videos! Emotions! Or something else?

You must have lot more excitement to the designed page: smiley faces, humans giggling, widespread optimism all around. Try and avoid the weird stock images people have come to expect from lower-case websites and use real pics of the location and people. In spite of everything, your customer needs clients; it truly is why he desires his website to be good enough for business sales. And customers want to make deal with read world people, not the agencies.

That’s all from now. We’ve just finished the discussion about how you can satisfy your clients while working n web design projects. This was all about general prospect. If you really want to look for best web design services for your business, then you should contact with webilogics web designer team.

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