Child abuse is such an awful topic that everyone can get frustrated and outraged at the same time. It is the only topic which makes me feel heartbroken on the plight of poor innocent children. It’s not just a crime but a sin to trample a child’s life only to fulfill one’s devilish desires. The effects of child abuse on the victim’s emotional, physical and mental state are disastrous.

Child abuse can be of many types: physical, psychological, sexual and neglect. In Pakistan, many cases of child rape and killings can be seen from the last few years although it’s an old practice. Not even girls; boys are also subjected to sexual abuse. Reported cases of child abuse about girl victims are more as compare to those of boys. The persons involved in the sexual abuse can be belonged to different sections of the society. Mostly are known to the children and others may be strangers, shopkeepers, drivers, guards, neighbors, teachers and friends.

Kasur incident from 2006-2014 was a major political scandal. It is mentioned by both news agencies and government departments to be the largest child abuse scandal in Pakistan’s history. We all know about the tragic details of the incident but still the case is not solved and no culprit has been given punishment. There should be CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for such beasts.

Another tragic incident happened few days back in Orangi town area of Karachi where Pakeeza, a 6 year old child was found missing from a wedding hall and after a week her dead body was found from the water tank of the same hall. According to the postmortem report, the girl was raped and then murdered. The father of the victim girl was appealing to the government for justice on a live tv show otherwise he would hang himself outside the PM’s house in Islamabad. What a pity!

Recently in Larkana, a fourth grade girl student was raped and impregnated by her school teacher. After the FIR was registered, the girl underwent a medical examination which confirmed that she had been raped and that she is four months pregnant. What the HELL is going on here? How could a teacher do this to a student? He should be hanged till DEATH so that there could be no such cruelty again.

There are many such cases which could be quoted but these recent incidents disturbed my mind and many others. All children are like flowers and they should be treated with love and care but how could the psychotic and cruel people use the innocence of children for their sexual gratification.

Mr. Sarwar of PTI issued a “FACT SHEET” on the rape cases and kidnappings. He says that PML-N government has failed to control such incidents, claiming that Pakistan is among the 10 worst countries when it comes to rape cases.

I know teaching yourself and children about child abuse is not enough because there are such devils in the society which are beyond limitations. But at least we can try to educate our children about touching or bullying from strangers and even relatives, teachers, guards, drivers etc. The parents should be more cautious and careful about their children. They should not allow their children to go to anyone’s house alone and they should listen to their children carefully if they tell you something unusual happenings towards them by any person.  Drop in unexpectedly when your child is alone with any adult.

Children often keep abuse a secret, but barriers can be broken down by talking openly about it. It’s very difficult to keep your children safe totally but even WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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