Armada Brings Tasteful Moments to Life This Ramadan With Their Own Sharing Fridge Program

  • This Ramadan has seen the sharing fridge concept expand rapidly across the UAE with now over 100 locations.

Servicing multiple locations across Dubai and Sharjah, Armada who have been operating in the emirates for more than 25 years, have been making a minimum of two deliveries each week during the holy month, replenishing outdoor fridges with premium bottled water and an array of delicious snacks, sharing their passion for taste to those less fortunate.

This Ramadan has seen the sharing fridge concept expand rapidly across the UAE with now over 100 locations. It initially began with individuals setting up fridges outside their own homes in residential areas of Dubai offering surplus meals to those people working in the vicinity and since, many companies such as Armada have got behind the initiative too. The idea stems from the Emirati tradition of sharing, especially over the month of Ramadan, and now thanks to the power of social media, what remains a simple idea of setting up a fridge full of donated food where those most in need are encouraged to help themselves and enjoy post Iftar, has expanded into a region-wide initiative.

The fridges are available to laborers, gardeners and security guards amongst others who work outside in the searing summer temperatures and is a charitable way for the more affluent to give back to those that often live in poor conditions and earn low wages.

Armada, having a solid trade network and an agile logistics system, offloaded numerous boxes of bottled natural Evian water, Hershey’s chocolate and Loacker specialty most recently on Monday 27th June, supplying locations in Al Quoz, Al Barsha, Mirdif and Jebel Ali to name just a few. Each delivery consists of a selection of the different products from the international brands that it represents, reinforcing their position as a pioneer in the local and expat community and a distribution company that prides itself on going above and beyond in what they do.

Life without sharing has no taste and Armada believe that in this holy month of Ramadan contributing to the less fortunate gives meaning to why the company exist.

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