A ‘Ski-ful’ experience awaits GCC travellers at Slovenia

  • Family-friendly ski resorts offering a Fairy-tale experience with stretches of snow-white slopes

Slovenia, the greenest destination in Europe, has just turned snow-white for the skiing season. Over 300 km of snow-white slopes across different terrain awaits skiing enthusiasts for a winter-ful experience.

Enthusiasts from GCC can revel in a fairy-tale skiing experience with over 40 state-of-the-art Slovenian ski centres offering slopes of varying categories of difficulty for beginners as well as children. GCC travellers are also offered an exclusive single SkiPass ticket which allows them to ski at all Slovenian ski resorts.

An hour’s drive from Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, the Krvavec Ski Centre offers more than 30 kilometres of groomed pistes and wonderful views of the Ljubljana basin. A fairy-tale skiing experience in midst of idyllic setting of Lake Bohinj awaits at Vogel Ski Centre, which is located in the heart of the Triglav National Park overlooking. Another skiing gem is the Kranjska Gora which is ranked amongst top 50 ski destinations in the world.

Approximately 8 hours away from the Gulf, Slovenia is a country of small ski resorts offering pleasant and homely atmosphere. Nestled in midst of diverse terrain, several ski resorts offer ski slopes that are suitable for beginners and children as well as experienced skiers. Numerous ski schools and ski instructors, speaking different languages, ensure that the whole family enjoys a memorable experience.

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