Women’s Protection Bill : ITS NEVER TOO LATE

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]rom centuries, in a male dominating society, ego and aggression prevails in men to a large extent. Many homes are burning with the flames of anger, arguments and fights. Emotional and physical abuse have become a norm in many a Muslim domain. Women’s confidence and self-esteem has been shattered by men. Female infanticide is still practised which is condemned in Islam. One of the verses of Quran instructs men “to treat their women with kindness”. However despite the instructions and warnings in Quran and Hadith, it is sad that man persists in disobedience to his creator.
[ads1]But now women can fight for their rights and can stand against violence. On 24th February 2016, our government took a very bold step by passing [highlight color=”yellow”]Women’s Protection Bill[/highlight] which criminalizes all kinds of violence such as abetment of an offence, domestic violence, sexual violence, psychological and emotional abuse, economic abuse, stalking and cyber crime. All men even blood relations come under this law.
Girls and women in Pakistan face many threats, from acid attacks and “honor killings” to domestic violence, rape and kidnapping. Islam has made man, a guardian of woman but man always try to rule them.
A study conducted by the Aurat Foundation, a Pakistani women’s rights group, in 2013 showed that Punjab province alone accounted for 5,800 crimes against women – 74 percent of crimes against women in the whole of Pakistan.
Who gave men the right to torture women? And why women should suffer? In Quran 2:282 “And those who accuse chaste women that do not bring four witnesses, flog them 80 strips and don’t accept their testimony forever. Indeed, they themselves are disobedient”
Our Holy prophet (pbuh) prohibited a man from beating his wife and underlined the moral and logical inconsistency in beating her during the day and then praising her at night as a prelude to conjugal relations.
WOMEN’S PROTECTION BILL will safeguard the rights of women who are a victim of male chauvinism.
A toll-free universal access number (UAN) will be started to receive complaints while district protection committee will be established to investigate complaints filed by women.

Being a woman, I am very happy and feeling more secured like all other women in Pakistan. I hope government will act on it religiously and wont back out now, as many of the religious scholars and people from other walks of life are not supporting this Act.

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Marium Muhammad

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