12 Ways to Teach Students Coding in Classrooms


Coding in Classrooms

Learning languages of different countries may seem hectic and complicated for some but learning a computer language is much more troublesome. Computers, unfortunately, do not read the same language as we do. A set of instructions is written down through various commands called codes which are subsequently read by the computer. Teaching coding and programming to students is a rather task for teachers, which is why they are using various tools and resources to make it engaging and knowledgeable for them.

  • Robot Turtles – Kids who love board games should play this. Without any mode of technology attached, the basics of programming can be learned from it.
  • Dash and Dot – Every kid has a fantasy of programming robots according to their will. Dash and dots are two robots which can be programmed through an app. Blockly, a Google creation, can be used by those kids who are aged 8 or above. Rest of the older students can program the robots using Java or Objective-C.
  • Kodable – Originally a kindergarten level kids app, it has now become an entire curriculum. Recommended for students aged five years and above but can be played by users lower than that age without much of a fuss. Kid’s who do not know how to read can also use this application to program. It has 30 free levels inside it which contribute to more than 60 minutes of coding.
  • Hopscotch – Wesly Fryer has collected all the resources for using Hopscotch in classrooms. They are filled with challenges which teachers can use with their students. This iPad app suggests activating the emoji keyboard from the Smartphone settings to use with the programs.
  • Gamemaker: Studios – This game is for the tech-savvy teachers who want to create new games by playing on their browsers. Although not the most vibrant game compared to the other tools in this list, but it has been around for quite some time.
  • Lego Mindstorms – Kids love Legos. Use that to your advantage and buy a Lego kit which has robots that can be programmed. This is an old product, so make sure it supports your operating system.
  • The Raspberry Pi – This is a cheap computer through which kids can create different things. It’s more for the advanced teachers to use in their classrooms.
  • SpaceChem – This is am an interesting combination of chemistry, coding, and reading. Download a free demo of it on Steam and install it on your Windows, Ubuntu and other OS. It is made for kids above the age of 12. They need to assemble molecules by playing puzzles and solving them.
  • Mine Craft Education Edition – This popular game continues to rule the market. Microsoft, the current owner of Mine craft, gathers and shares the best strategies for classrooms.
  • CodeCombat – This game has a free basic level which students can play to learn about coding. It’s recommended for kids aged 9 or above. Teachers do not require computer or programming knowledge to use this game.
  • Code Monkey Island – This is a great learning board game for students above the nine year mark.
  • Sphero and Ollie – This is an SPRK education program that can go to every place. Even during the time when a kid is learning about coding, it gives the teachers and parents a structured curriculum for using those bots to have a better understanding of programming.


It is due to coding that we can create and use different kinds of operating systems, websites or blogs and applications. Whether it is social media sites which we use every day like Facebook and Twitter or the operating systems installed on our digital devices, everything is created via coding. Because such a language is tough to understand for a novice, schools are pushing their students to learn about it through gamification apps and tools.


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